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Auto Insurance isn't just a good thing to have to protect you financially in the case of an accident - in many states it's required. All of the Insurance companies we represent provide a wide range of auto Insurance products at a fair price. Your price gets even better if you qualify for any of our available discounts. When applying for auto Insurance, you're usually asked whether you want collision and/or comprehensive coverage, how high you want your deductible to be, what liability limits you want, and whether you want any types of optional coverage. We can help you understand what these terms mean and how much coverage is right for you.

  • Standard and Preferred auto Insurance
  • High Risk auto Insurance
  • Classic autos / High Valued autos
  • Special program for Mature/Elderly Drivers
  • Discounts that are available
  • Recreational vehicles / Boats

Coverage options:

Collision and comprehensive (other than collision) coverages

Collision and Comprehensive (other than collision) coverages pay for damage to your automobile. You can purchase either or both of these coverages for each vehicle you own. If you have an auto loan you may be required to purchase both.

Collision coverage insures you against damage to your vehicle caused during an accident. Comprehensive (other than collision) coverage insures you against all other physical damage to your car caused by such events as fire, theft, flood, and vandalism.

Liability coverage

Liability coverage pays for injuries you cause to other people and damage you cause to other people's property when you are at fault in an automobile accident.

Medical Payments coverage

Medical Payments coverage pays medical expenses (up to a specified dollar limit) for you and passengers of your car who are injured in an automobile accident, no matter who is at fault. If you and your passengers have health Insurance, you may not need this coverage.

Personal Injury Protection

Some states require Personal Injury Protection, which is also known as No-Fault coverage. This coverage pays for things like medical and rehabilitative expenses, replacement services, and funeral expenses. It also pays for loss of income if you are injured in an auto accident and are unable to work.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage

This coverage pays if you are injured by a person who is completely uninsured or doesn't have enough liability Insurance to cover your injuries. It also covers you if you are in an accident with a hit-and-run driver.

Optional coverage

Optional or special coverage includes extras such as towing, rental reimbursement, and roadside assistance. None of these coverages are required

How much do I need?

Choosing the appropriate level of auto Insurance coverage depends on a number of factors, including assets you must protect (liability coverage), value of your vehicle (collision and comprehensive), the amount of money you can afford to pay out-of-pocket (deductibles), and your tolerance for risk.


Our Agency has years of experience in providing commercial insurance, offering a complete range of insurance and employee benefit solutions from top name carriers. Let us help you in selecting the right solution for your particular business. Below is a partial list of insurance coverages we offer along with a summary definition of the coverage.

General Liability

Liability insurance protects the assets of a business when it is sued for something it is liable for by causing an injury or property damage. Covered general liability claims can include bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury (damage from slander or false advertising). The insurance company can cover compensatory and general damages as well. Punitive damages aren't covered because they're considered to be punishment for intentional acts.

Transferring risk is what it's all about ! For many businesses, this is one of the largest exposures. General Liability insurance comes in many different "shapes and sizes", we can tailor a program specific to your needs and risk tolerance. Price, coverage and your company's specific requirements help us develop an attractive insurance program designed just for your needs !

Worker's Compensation

A mandated form of insurance covering workers injured in job-related accidents. It's right up there with payroll and taxes. Finding the best price is only half the battle. In addition, we help you keep those costs down by providing Claims Administrations, Experience Modification Analysis and Safety/Loss Control assistance. We have access to just about every insurance carrier in California including some exclusive programs.

WRAP / OCIP / CCIP or "WRAP-up" Coverage

Have a multi-unit project and can't get subs to bid ? Whether you are a sub, GC or developer, you need to know what you are getting with these programs. WRAP / OCIP / CCIP insurance is specific to a named project or projects. It covers all trades under one policy. All WRAPS aren't created equal, Our Insurance staff has unique expertise in negotiating WRAP-ups.

The policy may include general liability insurance, workers' compensation insurance , umbrella liability insurance, payment and performance bonds, and builders' risk insurance. By insuring all under one policy, premiums are reduced, coverage can be increased and duplication of coverages is avoided.

Umbrella / Excess Liability Insurance

Umbrella, or excess liability insurance, provides additional liability coverage (above general liability limits) for specific risks once a policy's coverage limit has been exhausted. It also provides additional liability for certain risks that would not be covered by the primary insurance policy.

Property and Equipment Insurance

Property insurance covers items like your buildings, leasehold improvements, signage, equipment and personal property. It can include coverage for employee theft, forgery and/or dishonesty. There may also be coverage for contract penalties assessed against you if you can not complete the work because the property being installed was damaged by a covered loss.

Equipment breakdown insurance covers repair and replacement costs of the insured equipment - items like computers, air-conditioners, water heaters and electrical systems.

Commercial Auto Insurance

This is important insurance to get right the first time. We help select the options that apply to your business risks. This insurance covers your business autos, or employees while they use their personal autos on company business. There are other coverage enhancements that may be needed as well for permanently installed electronic equipment, rental autos, lease gap coverage and more...

Professional Liability Insurance

We can ease your executive protection worries by covering you with a tailored program of professional liability insurance. Coverage in risk areas like - employment practices liability, errors & omissions, Directors & Officers liability, crime / financial fidelity, fiduciary liability and Internet liability.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance is insurance payable to the directors and officers of a company, or to the corporation itself, to cover damages or defense costs in the event they are sued for wrongful acts while they are (were) with that company. Directors and Officers Liability insurance is commonly purchased with a companion product "Company Reimbursement Insurance".

Commercial Earthquake Insurance

Commercial earthquake insurance can be very important in Some Cases, where earthquakes are a fact of life. Most commercial property policies exclude coverage for earthquake damage (including earthquake sprinkler damage, etc.).

Fidelity and Fiduciary Insurance

A fidelity bond provides coverage for dishonest and/or fraudulent acts of employees that could arise in the course of handling money or securities of others. A fidelity bond may also be referred to as an employee dishonesty bond. One variation of the fidelity bond is the ERISA fidelity bond which provides coverage for dishonest and/or fraudulent acts of trustees.

Fiduciary liability insurance (also referred to as ERISA liability insurance) provides coverage for breaches of fiduciary duty by ERISA plan fiduciaries. Unlike the fidelity bond, fiduciary liability insurance offers plan fiduciaries protection of personal assets.

Pollution Coverage

There are various forms of environmental insurance from cleaning up a site or future pollution liability of a site (Pollution Legal Liability) to construction projects which cover environmental conditions that occur during and as a result of the construction project work. This second insurance program is controlled by the contractor (Contractor Pollution Legal Liability Coverage) . These policies are generally more aggressive in providing mold coverage than with the Pollution Legal Liability insurance.

Business Continuation Insurance

Business continuation insurance covers the life or lives of employees whose demise would have a substantial financial impact on the surviving organization’s ability to function and prosper in its future, typically these might be persons who have essential management, marketing, financial or technical expertise.

For instance - should a partner/corporate officer die or become disabled, business continuation insurance provides cash to the surviving partners/stockholders to continue the business or purchase the stock or interest of the deceased or disabled partner.

Group Benefits including Group Health

Second to payroll, employee benefit costs are often the highest expense item in a company's financial statement. We recognize that all companies' benefit needs are not the same. We provide each client with a personalized Market Analysis based on their unique circumstances. We become an extension of your Human Resources Department by providing new employee enrollment, eligibility, COBRA administration, and claims resolution.

Benefits represent a large percentage of an employee's total cost. Worker's Compensation, State Disability, Social Security, Unemployment, Sick Leave and Vacation time are all benefits provided by you, the employer. This employer "value" is recognized and highlighted by our Insurance Services providing each of your employees with a personalized Bene-Check illustrating not only the cost of their traditional benefits (health, dental, vision, etc) but also the cost of all the other valuable benefits.

Commercial Surety

Let us help you decide on the right bond coverage to minimize your business risks. Here is a common example of a commercial bond we offer :

A License / Permit bond that guarantees a company or individual will operate in accordance with governmental statues, regulations and ordinances. There are numerous obligation scenarios depending on the specific bond.

Risk Management

Our experienced team can help in you in your company's risk management - identification, assessment, avoidance, reduction and acceptance. We align coverages with exposures, identify coverage gaps, offer insurance and non- insurance risk control options and quantitatively determine costs of risk.


For most people, their home is their greatest financial asset. Properly protecting that asset is a top priority. The insurance industry, especially concerning home coverage, can be very confusing and purchasing the right coverage can be a daunting task for the average homeowner. Policies can be very complex and most people don’t have the time or energy to research all the choices in order to make a fully informed decision. This is why it’s so important to employ the services of a professional who is intimately familiar with the nuances of the process and can navigate the almost endless possibilities to provide coverage that caters directly to your needs and desires. DeLaney Insurance not only offers this service but seeks to help you understand your own needs in order to determine what coverage is best for you.

My home is worth $300,000. How much coverage do I need?

It depends. You need to base your coverage on the replacement cost of the home, not the actual market value. My job is to help you establish the replacement cost. Need to know the market value? Ask your realtor, or click here if you don't have one.

Do I need flood insurance?

If you own your home and have a mortgage, your mortgage company only requires you to carry flood if you're in the "100 Year Flood Plain", however there is nothing more damaging to a building than water. According FEMA, 25% off all flood insurance claims come from areas of minimal flood risk. Floods and flash floods happen in all 50 states. For these reasons, we recommend everyone, including renters, to carry flood insurance. For more information, go to

My wife lost her diamond ring. Is it covered in my home insurance policy?

It depends. All home owner policies have "special limits" on certain classes of personal property. If the ring, or similar item, has a high value it is unlikely that the full value will be covered. The best way to insure that your high value articles are covered, is to provide adequate proof of value and insure them separately before a loss occurs. At Delaney Insurance we strive to identify all of your personal property limits to make sure your assets are covered.

I rent an apartment. Do I need insurance?

Absolutely, a for a couple of reasons. For example, if a fire were to start in your apartment you could be held responsible for all the damages, not just your own. Having your own insurance guarantees that all your belongings will be replaced in case of theft, burglary, and most natural disasters. Renters insurance is very inexpensive. Lets modify this just a bit. Last sentence to: If you have your auto insurance with us you may qualify for a multi-line discount and the discount savings, in some cases, saves you more than the cost of the Renter's Insurance Policy!


The folks at DeLaney Insurance know why you work. They also have the expertise to provide your family with the financial security they need in your absence. They have extensive experience in creating policies that will provide maximum benefits at a time when your family needs it most.

Do I need life insurance?

Probably. If you have dependents or a spouse it is very likely that they would need additional capital to replace your income in the event of a premature death, sickness or injury in order to meet basic living expenses and to maintain the current standard of living. This can be a complicated discussion that many people prefer to avoid or delay, sometimes until it is too late. We have experience helping to guide individuals and families through the details and options, and can offer great rates on coverage from many top-rated companies. Often we get questions about life insurance or disability insurance coverage from folks after they’ve had an incident which makes finding coverage more difficult, more costly, and in some cases impossible.

We have experience helping to guide you through the details and options and have helped hundreds of clients gain peace of mind with life and disability insurance coverage. It is best to set this coverage up when you are young and healthy, so please reach out to us today and we’ll be happy to help.